Cambridge results 27/05/12

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by regsie, May 29, 2012.

  1. regsie

    regsie Member

    Apr 29, 2009
    Nr haverhill , suffolk
    Cambridge HFT
    From colin
    Nice to see everyone again feels like ages since we were last there .
    We could not have had a nicer day for weather and company.
    Thanks to Jeff and Martin for there work setting the course I didn t shoot this week but believe it to have been a good one
    Also it was 2 points or nothing only kills scored :eek:

    Open class

    Simon Jones 48
    Simon Vant 48
    Clive Presland 42
    Jeff Westley 38
    Mick Salmon 38
    Ian Sedden 34
    Jeff Ryder 34
    Mick Issacs 34
    Martin Slain 34
    Chris Bolton 34
    Matt Rawlings 34
    John Houghton 32
    Mark Thompson 30
    Steve Youngs 28
    Kev Turner 28
    Simon Edwards 26
    Andy Island 24
    Justin Rhone 24
    Brian Clark 22
    Al Downing 22
    Ken Phillips 20
    John Bloss 18
    Roger Brigham 16
    Dan Measures 16
    Mick Reed 14
    Scott Clark 14
    Johnathan Pearson 12
    Nigel 12

    Springer Class

    Stuart Deeks 42
    Jake Day 32
    Daniel Ferraro 26
    Ralph Presland 20
    Anne Higgins(Russell) 20
    Andy Day 20
    Andy Yates 16
    Matt Goodson 14
    Liz Osman 8

    Juniors Class

    Johnathan Chidzoy 26
    Jack Houghton 26
    Alex Honeywell 24
    Becky Rawlings 20
    Marcus Day 20
    Oliver Fleet 14
    Oliver Springham 12
    Arron Day 12
    Ben Rawlings 12

    .22 Class

    Wayne Pearce 28
    James Stevens 18
    Perc Honeywell 14
    Alan Measures 12

    Ladies Class

    Cathy Thompson 24
    Anne Russell ( Higgins)20
    Bridget Parker 16
    Jill Cochrane 14
    Verity Youngs 14
    Liz Osman 8
  2. BigBluey

    BigBluey New Member

    Sep 27, 2009
    Haverhill, Suffolk
    Great day

    Yep it was a very interesting course. It was more like cage rage with a spatter of the diabolical.
    Plenty of thought went into the course, well done guys.
    Nice to see plenty of friends, and as usual top work Sue


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