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    Cambridge HFT WINTER DIABOLICAL results 2015

    A beautifully bright, clear, and suspiciously calm morning awaited us today for this annual shootis horribilis. 30 targets (plus a ‘Golden bunny’) all set out to a spec so far removed from UKAHFT that UKIP are probably adding it to their manifesto hit-list as I type.

    General guidance for the WINTER DIABOLICAL;
    1. Can you see the target clearly?
    -It’s probably the wrong target.
    2. You thought you could see the target, but when you got down on the peg it disappeared?
    -It’s the right target. Bet you wish you’d added Yoga to your New Years resolution now eh.
    3. I think I can see a target, but it looks ever so small. And its behind a tree. In the next field.
    -Yes, that’s the target.
    Added fun this year included the dreaded drainpipe; a section of which was laid in front of the target, only not pointing in quite the same direction so as to obscure 99.97% of it.
    Congratulations to all those who survived with nerves and fingernails intact and it was wonderful to see our Dutch and Czech contingent back in such force again.

    So the scores....
    Hmmm. Well, as you can see there are always a *few* people who frankly just don’t give a course like this the respect it deserves. If they’d thrown in the odd “oooh”, “Ahhh” or “ummmm” every so often for good measure just to give a faint sense of uncertainty it’d make those of us collecting enough donuts to make a paperchain feel a little better. But no. Instead Simon Vant and Jeff Westley have to pitch up with an unnerving 48 in the open class, only to be trounced overall by Kyle springing his way to an astonishing *49*:eek::eek::eek:.
    Pass. I don’t know. Clearly he sacrificed something. Keep a close eye on him next year, any sign of ritualistic dancing around a pellet pouch whilst emitting “boinging” noises before the shoot let us know and we’ll make sure we outlaw it.

    Kyle Hampton 49 :eek::lev:lev:eek:
    Neil Wakelin 42
    Rex Bennet 39
    Anne Higgins 36
    Ralph Presland 35
    Jim Leaman 31
    Kev Turner 31
    Chris wells 30
    Jake Day 30
    Leon Peute 27
    Andy Day 22

    Simon Vant 48
    Jeff Westley 48
    Roger Bentley 46
    Alex Larkin 46
    Tony Haas 45
    Don Hartness 43
    Chris Boulton 43
    Jill Cochrane 42
    Jon Houghton 42
    Ray Hampton 41
    Alex Honeywell 41
    Steve Willingham 40
    Matt Rawlings 40
    Keith Sutton 40
    Martin Slane 40
    Bill Chaplin 40
    Vince Holland 40
    Colin Wilson 39
    Steve Martin 39
    Steve Austin 39
    Richard Lander 39
    Finn Cochrane 38
    Peter Van Gemert 38
    James Free 38
    Geoff Ryder 38
    Justin Rhone 38
    Miriam Stark 38
    Mike Carney 38
    Mark McCarthy 38
    Gary Chillingworth 36
    Brigitte Vant 36
    Wayne Marriott 36
    Mike Isaac 36
    Jirka Jiraut 37
    Rick Rolfe 37
    Clive Presland 36
    Roger Lait 36
    Steve Hermitage 35
    Jack Houghton 35
    Dean Auger 35
    Graham Mason 34
    Mike Averill 33
    Jean Greatrex 33
    Kieran Hoban 33
    Ingrid Van Germert 32
    Matt Jackson 33
    Jonathan Hobbs 31
    Mick Salmon 31
    Mark Minchin 30
    Jan Rijneveld 30
    Keith Warburton 29
    Andy Ireland 28
    Ralph Currie 28
    Liam Ellis 27
    Noordt Michel 26
    Dave George 26
    Penny Holland 23
    Luke Hermitage 15

    Steve Youngs 42
    Lee Hartness 35
    Des Morris 30

    Nia Preston 32
    Tom Willingham 32
    Jerden Noordt 30
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  2. The Bongo

    The Bongo New Member

    Nov 25, 2014
    East Anglia
    What an event to forget your shooting mat... The washing machine is still rinsing the mud from my clothes.

    Fantastic targets, hilarious misses, very satisfying hits and a crash course in yoga all thrown in. Enormous fun from the first pegs doughnut to the very fine shoot-offs (when the finalists show everyone else how you need to shoot to be a finalist).

    Thanks to all involved. Same again next year please! :)

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