Cambridge HFT Sunday May 11th

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  1. Mrs H

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    Jun 1, 2009
    Cambridge HFT, Cambridge 177, Shelford Rifle Club
    Cambridge HFT Sunday May 11th
    After the torrential deluge of the previous few days today s shoot was remarkably... well, pleasant. We d arrived amidst a small hurricane force wind, but this did seem to be helping the big black clouds hurtle past us without too much bother. A couple of short sharp showers hit, but it was otherwise quite nice.
    Was a bit windy though.
    The string said one thing, the history on the plates said another, so it was a bit of a point-and-hope exercise. Some stand out scores, okay, one. Congratulations to Simon for his clear win. :lev Next time could you at least try and look contemplative, maybe throw in the odd “oooh†and “ahhhh†to make the rest of us feel better? Ta. ;)

    Many thanks to Sue and Ben for manning the catering van. We ll hopefully see you all again in a fortnight.

    Simon Vant 57 :eek:
    Colin Wilson 51
    Geoff Ryder 51
    Shaun Eustace 51
    Jill Cochrane 51
    Nick Yates 51
    Richard Woods 50
    Jon Houghton 50
    James Free 50
    Simon Jones 49
    Alex Larkin 49
    Dave Applard 48
    Jeff Westley 47
    Jack Houghton 46
    Matt Rawlings 46
    Richard Blackshire 46
    Ian Bainbridge 45
    Mark Carter 44
    Steve Youngs 44
    Vince Holland 44
    Kieron Drummond 42
    Andy Ireland 42
    Ken Philips 42
    Chris Sanford 42
    Martin Slane 41
    Justin Rhone 41
    Ned Bayley 39
    Piotr Gabryanczyz 39
    Colin Sykes 38
    Mark Macarthy 37
    Jonathan Hobbs 37
    Ralph Currie 37
    Mick Salmon 36
    Finn Cochrane 36
    Lee Petchley 34
    Ben Rawlings 33
    Graham Mason 31
    Nick Drummond 29
    Ian McDerment 29
    Liam Ellis 29

    Becky Rawlings 51
    Jean Greatrex 50
    Liz Osman 49
    Brigitte Vant 43

    Dan Measures 47
    Anne Higgins 45
    Kev Turner 44
    Andy Yates 44
    Phil Russell 39
    Steve Martin 36
    Rex Bennett 33
    Chris Wells 31
    Alex Bye 29
    Matt Goodson DNF

    Wayne Pearce 46
    Des Morris 30
    Dean Auger 27
    Ian Mortimer 26
    Steve Hermitage 23

    Alex McDerment 33
  2. Spoelie

    Spoelie Pellet Head !

    Apr 9, 2010
    Dunmow UK
    HFT Cambs

    Great shooting there Simon

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