Cambridge HFT summer Safari Sunday shoot 8th July

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by regsie, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. regsie

    regsie Member

    Apr 29, 2009
    Nr haverhill , suffolk
    Cambridge HFT
    Well after getting away with the weather yesterday we didn't today:( it threw it down a very brief respite and it started again. Congrats to Matt Edwards for an outstanding 56 in those conditions and to all the others who took a very nice trophy home. Also a quick well done to Shani Smith with a 3rd in juniors her first hft comp.

    Open Class

    Matt Edwards 56
    Barry Smith 55
    Steve Edmonson 55
    Simon Jones 55
    Simon Vant 54
    Dan measures 53
    Jeff Westley 53
    Alex Larkin 52
    Chris Boulton 52
    Sean Eustace 52
    Andy Day 52
    Terry Turner 51
    Ralph Pressland 51
    Clive Pressland 50
    Martin Slane 49
    Peter J Edwards 47
    Finn Cochrane 46
    Richard Lander 44
    Steve Kill 42
    Nick Yates 42
    Charlie Lake 42
    Malcolm Hyde 41
    Peter Rattle 41
    Brian Clarke 40
    Keith Warburton 38
    Mick reed 37
    Scott Clarke 36
    Chris Winfield 27
    Matt Goodson DNF
    Gordon Smith DNF
    Al Downie DNF

    Stu Deeks 48
    Justin Rhone 46
    Phil Russell 39
    Mark Goodson 36
    Dean Auger 16

    Larissa Sykes 50
    Anne Higgins 50
    Gill Cochrane 48
    Jean Greatrex 45
    Brigitte Parker 38

    Wayne Pearce 51
    Kevin Turner 48
    Colin Sykes 48
    Rancid Tom 42
    Steve Youngs 41
    Pearce Honeywell 39
    George Vant 38

    Alex Honeywell 53
    Jonathan Chidzoy 51
    Shani Smith 50
    Becky Rawlings 46
    Charlotte Edmonson 44
    Emily Jones 39
    Aaron Day DNF
  2. wayne pearce

    wayne pearce Member

    Apr 16, 2009
    another great if not rather damp weekends shooting

    thanks to all canbridge hft members that helped organise and run the weekend

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