Cambridge HFT Saturday safari 40 shot to UKAHFT Rules results 08/06/13

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by regsie, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. regsie

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    Apr 29, 2009
    Nr haverhill , suffolk
    Cambridge HFT
    Well the sun that was promised didn't show and the wind and cold did a challenging 40 shot course with a great mixture of all types of shot. 2x unsupported standers and enough to make you swear every now an then. Thank you to all who attended hope you enjoyed yourselves. Well done to Wayne Pearce on 2 wins in two different classes this weekend.

    Simon Vant 74
    Jeff Westley 73
    Simon Howarth 68
    Stuart Deeks 67
    Steve edmonson 67
    Keith Warburton 67
    Jack Houghton 66
    Jon Houghton 65
    Martin Slane 60
    Nigel Fleet 60
    Andy ireland 59
    Finn Cochrane 59
    Richard Lander 56
    Mark Gamston 55
    Mick Salmon 52
    Nick Yates 47
    Mike Phillips 37
    John Gamston DNF

    Paul Burt 63
    Andy Day 61
    Chris Boulton 60
    Jake Day 59
    Alan Sultano 48
    Jim Leaman 39
    Craig Lawrence 36
    Stuart Morey 35

    Wayne Pearce 65
    Neil Wakelin 65
    Matt Rawlings 65
    Simon Jones 62
    Simon Harrison 60
    Steve Youngs 57
    Justin Rhone 55
    Kevin Turner 53
    Ben Vanderbrink 53
    Mark Tomlinson 45
    Tony Hodgkinson 43

    Jill Cochrane 69
    Brigitte Vant 57

    Olly Fleet 6
    Jonaton Chidzoy 53
    Emily Jones 49
    Russell Vernon 47
    Aaron Day 47
    Michael Gamston 45

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