Cambridge HFT Saturday night shoot results 7th July

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    Apr 29, 2009
    Nr haverhill , suffolk
    Cambridge HFT
    After watching the rain fall every where but not on us we started the night shoot about 21.30 slightly different format with the targets illuminated at the target which meant every one shot the same way and it made range finding in the dark challenging. A few teething problems but went ok in the end and a lot of lessons learnt for next time, every one enjoyed it.

    Simon "clear round again" Jones 30
    Stu Deeks 28
    Matt Rawlings 27
    Gill Cochrane 27
    Steve Edmonson 27
    Jonathan Chidzoy 27 jnr
    Wayne Pearce 26
    Finn Cochrane 26
    Chris Boulton 26
    Justin Rhone 25
    Roger Brigham 25
    Nick Yates 25
    Becky Rawlings 25 jnr
    Kevin Turner 25 .22
    Mick Salmon 24
    Holly Deeks 24 jnr
    Emily Jones 24 jnr
    Steve Youngs 24 .22
    Dan Measures 24
    Andy Day 24
    Martin Slane 23
    Charlotte Edmonson 22 jnr
    Rancid Tom 20 .22
    Aaron Day 15 jnr

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