Cambridge HFT results Sept. 11th

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Mrs H, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Mrs H

    Mrs H Narnia Guide

    Jun 1, 2009
    Cambridge HFT, Cambridge 177, Shelford Rifle Club
    A fantastic turnout with 74 shooters today, so a real surprise given the appalling weather forecast at the beginning of the week. Fortunately the “thunderous showers with heavy rain” failed to materialise, though we did seem to bare witness to Shepreths very own ode to Hurricane Katrina which made the course *interesting* . And yes, I do use that word loosely. Sometimes the wind blew left, sometimes the wind blew right. But generally the wind blew. A lot.
    Then, just in case you thought you’d sussed it… it would stop.
    Some remarkable scores given the conditions; a big well done to all those who braved it out!

    My thanks to Toby and young William for their company. Young Will came in with a very respectable 25 in between being a tree, an aeroplane, another tree, digging for gold, and amassing an impressive collection of twigs. He also managed to knock down target 8 which myself and Toby both plated. According to Will the target was “easy” and we just needed to “concentrate” more. As you can imagine the pressure this put on us for the remaining targets was immense. :eek:

    Big thanks to Bruce & Andrea for their sterling work manning the catering van to keep everyone fed and watered. :)

    See you all on the 25th for our UK round! :D

    Jeff Westley 56
    Lloyd Davies 54
    Roger Bentley 54
    Barry Smith 53
    Simon Jones 53
    Terry Wheatley 53
    Jeff Ryder 52
    Richard Woods 52
    Martin Slane 50
    Martin Goodsall 50
    Dan Measures 50
    Gary Chillingworth 50
    Ralph Presland 49
    Tim Bohr 49
    Wayne Marriott 48
    Grego Hensman 48
    Andy Yates 48
    Bruce Marshall 47
    Ian Bainbridge 47
    Clive Presland 47
    Alan Moss 47
    Alex Larkin 46
    Andy Ireland 46
    Dennis Oaks 46
    Simon Edwards 45
    Greg Hensman 45
    Toby Lee 45
    Kevin Turner 45
    Keith Warburton 44
    Mick Reed 44
    Richard Blackshire 43
    Ken Philipps 43
    Steve McCloy 42
    Roger Britain 41
    Justin Rhone 40
    Steve Sowden 39
    Donald Allcock 38
    Alan Measures 38
    Craig Hartop 35
    Ian ? 32
    Graham Mason 29

    Harry Fallows 52
    Becky Rawlins 43
    Mat Goodson 42
    Jake Day 36
    Anthony Marshall 34
    Jonathan Chidzoy 33
    Owen Marriott 30
    Holly Deeks 30
    Emily Jones 30
    William Lee 25
    Douglas Hartop 22
    Freddie Elcox 19
    Cal Sowden DNF

    Wayne Pearce 44
    Alex Honeywell 37
    Pierce Honeywell 35
    Robert Gillibrand 21

    Paul Burt 44
    Phil Russell 44
    Andy Day 40
    Chris Boulton 40
    Stu Deeks 38
    Brian Clark 37
    Su Li 35
    Michael Holiday 34
    Alex Bye 24

    Jean Greatrex 45
    Anne Russell 41
    Liz Ozman 40
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  2. Sharpe

    Sharpe Semper fidelis

    Jun 25, 2009
    Waltham Abbey
    Missed score

    Alan Moss 47
  3. Sharpe

    Sharpe Semper fidelis

    Jun 25, 2009
    Waltham Abbey

    Lovely days shooting! Thanks to all, especially shooting partners Lloyd And Alan.
    Many thanks Alan for the lift.

    Very well done to Jeff Westley on a solid 2 point clear win! :eek:

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