Cambridge HFT results November 10th ‘13

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Mrs H, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Mrs H

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    Jun 1, 2009
    Cambridge HFT, Cambridge 177, Shelford Rifle Club
    Cambridge HFT results November 10th ‘13

    With yesterdays rain still winging its way Northwards it was a lovely bright, If a mite brisk, day at Cambridge today. Some excellent scores as you will see with special mention to young Emily Jones and her stonking *47*, hot on the heels of Dad Simon who’s starting to look a wee bit worried.
    Congratulations to Simon Vant with his outright win with 58 and Roger B close behind with 57.
    Today was also the first round of a rather niche “Phoenix-Off” competition for anyone with a Parker Hale Phoenix. So far that’s just the two of us then… myself and Keith W. If anyone else has a PH Phoenix please do come along and join in the *clack-phut-lob* fun. Today was a resounding victory for Keith and his Mk.2, so I will endeavour to re-check, re-fill and re-zero ready for Rnd.2 in a fortnight.

    Our thanks as well to team Rawlings for manning the food wagon.
    Next shoot is Sunday Nov. 24th, hopefully see you all there replete with hats, mittens and nose warmers.

    Simon Vant 58
    Roger Bentley 57
    Jeff Westley 54
    Geoff Ryder 54
    Richard Blackshire 53
    Mike Carney 51
    Roger Brigham 51
    Mike Isaac 50
    Wayne Marriot 50
    Ralph Presland 50
    Justin Rhone 49
    Ian Seddon 49
    Andy Ireland 49
    Clive Presland 49
    Colin Wilson 48
    Martin Slane 48
    Matt Rawlings 47
    Jon Houghton 47
    Matt Goodson 46
    Ken Phillips 45
    Wayne Pearce 45
    Richard Lander 43
    Graham Mason 42
    Chris Sandford 42
    Nigel Fleet 42
    Mick Salmon 42
    Jack Houghton 41
    Dean Auger 40
    Alan Measures 37
    Simon Edwards 34
    Jonathan Hobbs 34

    Jill Cochrane 53
    Becky Rawlings 52
    Brigitte Vant 50
    Liz Osman 43

    Phil Russell 43
    Steve Youngs 43
    Chris Boulton 42
    Kev Turner 41
    Andy Staward 30
    Andy Bye 30
    Rob Heslop 28

    Simon Jones 49
    Keith Warburton 41
    Andrew 38
    Anne Higgins 37

    Emily Jones 47
    Jonathan Chidzoy 46
    Olly Fleet 41
    Brandon Houghton 33
    Jay Auger 29
  2. msnk

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    Sep 23, 2013
    Hey, its Andrew here! Got the 3rd place! out of 4 LOL! It was a lovely day, nice course, Thanks! Sorry could not stay for the awards! had to pick up somebody from airport.

    Actually not bad, first time shooting .22 and just yesterday put a regulator in it, never been zeroed in my hands before!

    Long rages are a bit of a challenge, pellet has some drop I did not expect! I need some lighter JSB then!
  3. BigBluey

    BigBluey New Member

    Sep 27, 2009
    Haverhill, Suffolk

    Well I really got taught how to shot by nearly everyone today :eek:o . Great course, great banter and yet another successful shot for Cambridge HFT. Many thanks to Graham my chauffer, and Alex for giving me someone to question Mr Masons shooting skills.
    Well done to all the winners today, and it wont be long before young Emily will be showing Dad how its done
  4. KeithW

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    Feb 10, 2012
    Nr Sandy, Beds
    As always, shooting with Anne and Phil is enlightening, fun and humiliating in equal measures. And had I not learned from Anne's "insight" with regard to range and wind I would not have done half as well.

    I'm looking forward (sort of) to the second leg of the Phoenix Challenge, and predict that I shall get well and truly thrashed because Anne might have decided to set up her scope (rather than guess it) by that time.

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