Cambridge HFT results May 26th

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    Jun 1, 2009
    Cambridge HFT, Cambridge 177, Shelford Rifle Club
    A gloriously warm, dry and almost breezeless day greeted us this fine Sunday morning. Conditions that have seldom been encountered this year, let alone on a BH weekend. It was a Cambs rules course this time around, and one that looked reassuringly straightforward until you actually settled down and started it.
    Small kill: check.
    Far away kill: check.
    Small far away kill: check.
    Small far away kill up a tree: check.
    Kill behind a tree with a hole drilled through it: check.
    Wire mesh: check.


    Considering the level of difficulty the scores were remarkably consistent across all the classes. Special mention this week goes to Simon Jones who was shooting a .25 BSA blunderbuss that would have been easier to muzzleload given the reluctance of the pellets to go into the breech. If you saw any silvery grey shiny blobs on the surrounding treeline those will be his sighters.

    Lloyd Davies 53
    Gill Cochrane 52
    Clive Presland 51
    Wayne Pearce 50
    Jon Houghton 50
    Dave Allam 50
    Stu Deeks 49
    Jack Houghton 48
    Matt Rawlins 48
    Liz Osmand 48
    Matt Goodson 48
    Mick Salmon 48
    Quinton Carter 47
    Larissa Sykes 47
    Martin Slane 47
    Colin Wilson 46
    Phil Russell 45
    Finn Cochrane 44
    Larissa Allam 43
    Ralph Presland 42
    Don Hartness 42
    Andy Day 40
    Ken Philips 39
    Keith Warburton 39
    Simon Edwards 39
    Nigel Fleet 39
    Russell Swain 38
    Andy Yates 37
    Andy Ellis 36
    Chris Sandford 33
    Michelle Camp 32
    Graham Mason 30
    Richard Lander 26

    Colin Sykes (with scope this week) 42
    Justin Rhone 41
    Steve Youngs (.25!) 40
    Roger Brigham 35
    Perce Honeywell 31

    Chris Boulton 49
    Jake Day 49
    Lee Hartness (.22!) 48
    Anne Higgins 47
    Roger Bentley 42
    Bob Brand 35
    Simon “Blunderbuss” Jones (.25) 24

    Alex Honeywell 50
    Jonathan Chidzoy 49
    Olly Fleet 47
    Becky Rawlins 46
    Emily Jones 38
    Joshua Swain 35
    Aaron Day 30

    Thanks to all who took part and we look forward to seeing you for our annual Summer Safari on the weekend of June 8/9. :)
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