Cambridge HFT results June 12th

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Mrs H, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Mrs H

    Mrs H Narnia Guide

    Jun 1, 2009
    Cambridge HFT, Cambridge 177, Shelford Rifle Club
    Results for Cambridge open HFT June 12th.

    What started off as a warm bright sunny morning slowing descended into a torrent of drizzle as the skies grew grey and forboding. Our thanks to those who braved the wind and showers to come and shoot. Some excellent scores came in despite the challenging conditions; lets just be glad the harsh wind that had whipped up by the end wasn’t there at the beginning!

    I’ve managed to decipher the scores from the bits of bedraggled soggy paper that came back in to the office. They’ve now been fashioned into a small scale model of Tracey Island and I will be contacting Blue Peter to enquire about my badge.

    Our thanks as ever to Sue’s sterling work in the catering van with the copious amounts of tea, coffee and bacon rolls that kept us all going. :)

    Simon Vant 57
    Steve Griggs 57
    Bruce Marshall 57
    Clive Presland 56
    Geoff Ryder 56
    Ian Bainbridge 56
    Richard Woods 55
    Sean Eustace 55
    Jennie Stone 54
    Gary Chillingworth 54
    Jon Houghton 54
    Al Downie 53
    Jeff Westley 53
    Dave Allam 53
    Alex Larkin 52
    Neil taylor 52
    Richard Lander 52
    Roger Bentley 52
    Andy Yates 51
    Wayne Pearce 51
    Ralph Presland 51
    Alan Sultano 51
    Colin Sykes 51
    Martin Slaine 51
    Mick Salmon 51
    Jean Greatrex 50
    Ken Philips 50
    Dan Measures 48
    Richard Blackshire 48
    Simon Edwards 48
    Jill Cochran 48
    Matt Rawlings 46
    Justin Rhone 46
    Kenin Turner 45
    Toby Lee 44
    Liz Osman 44
    Roger Brigham 43
    Peter T Edwards 43
    Jason Moore 43
    Scott Clarke 42
    Ray Hampton 42
    Ron Gathercoe 40
    Mick Reed 40
    Len Brede 38
    Mark Gamston 38
    Brian Clarke 37
    Mark Goodson 37
    John Gamston 37
    Graham Mason 31
    Simon Dixon DNF

    Stuart “Destroyer” Deeks 51
    Chris Boulton 47
    Andy Day 47
    Phil Russell 47
    Anne Russell 46
    John Brede 43
    Kyle Hampton 43
    Matt Goodson 40

    Becky Rawlings 55
    Jack “smiler” Houghton 55
    George Vant 52
    Larissa Sykes 51
    Jonathan Chidzoi 49
    Jake Day 45
    Michael Gamston 38
    Archie York 35
    Ben Rawlings 34
    Edward Carter Silk 34
    Robert Moore 33
    Marcus Day 31
    Ollie Brown 31
    William Lee (aged 5 :eek: ) 25 –New personal best with his bright yellow custom Daddy-O-special stocked BSA Ultra!
    Aaron Day 11
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  2. griggzy

    griggzy Dop's *****

    May 18, 2009
    big thanks to the cambridge crew for setting a great course there was plenty of targets to get the brain thinking out there ( u can bin that bloody tiny black bird lol ;) ) and i gotta say that the tiny yellow stock on the bsa ultra wasnt a paul wilson it was tobys own creation and how nice it was too , im sure hes gonna get plenty of orders lol , and well done to his son on his pb ( 5 yr old champ in the making ;) )

    cheers cambridge see you all next time

    griggzy :D

    BIGGS"N"WIFE New Member

    Apr 19, 2009

    Thanks alot mate glad you had a good day. top shooting by the way.

    Just want to add Toby's lad William what a great kid!!!!!! When Matt booked me in to shoot with a five year old Ithought I had been stiched up, how wrong I was , the enthusiasm and excitement William showed when he knocked a target over was overpowering ( I am Knackerd , telling him they are decepticons from transformers or the death star from star wars was great fun ). And what a stock !!!! I wil definitely be on to Toby to make one for Anthony..

  4. tobs74

    tobs74 New Member

    Feb 15, 2010
    William and me really enjoyed the shoot today, and William was chuffed with his score he beat his old PB by 11 (and it was a rather expensive visit to toysRus afterwards!!! me and my big mouth)

    A really big thanks to Bruce for the good company today and for keeping William focused throughout the day and just for generally helping and encouraging him today.
    Thanks to Cambridge as well for making us both welcome at your club.

    Cheers for the comments on William's stock, judging by the amount of interest today, might just be available to order soon for all the little snipers who's standard stocks just don't seem to fit!!! (pm me if anyone's interested)

    Thanks Again Cambridge and of course Bruce!
    Toby and William
  5. bypass

    bypass Member

    Apr 22, 2009
    Hemel Hempstead
    Top Day at Cam today. Bruce , are you sure you were`nt confusing William with Toby , as Toby tends to get a bit excited at knocking the odd target over now and then :);)
    Cheers to Jill , Finn , Peter and Rog today.

  6. Sharpe

    Sharpe Semper fidelis

    Jun 25, 2009
    Waltham Abbey
    Well done Cambridge for putting on a great course and welcoming atmosphere as usual.
    Shame you didnt extend us the courtesy of some decent weather, like wot we did at "Matchplay" :D
    Cheers to Griggsy for his company, top shooting mate, and to all the other medal winners.
    Toby, please leave your boy at home in future, i really dont need another kid humiliating me on the nationals:D:)

    Ray, im sorry mate but im glad im not the only one who can have an absolute nightmare for no apparent reason!:eek::D:)
  7. Al Downie

    Al Downie New Member

    Jun 1, 2011
    The club budgie! That's my new favourite target.

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