Cambridge HFT results July 28th 2013

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    Jun 1, 2009
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    A beautiful bright breezy morning greeted us today for the “Cambs rules” course. Nothing over 45yards but a fair few of slightly smaller size than you’d usually encounter.
    Our thanks to those who ventured out, including a few newbies whom I hope will return and haven’t been scarred for life.

    As ever there’s a few standalone scores; congrats to Jeff on a stonking 53 and Simon with 49 in .22.:eek:

    Special thanks to Chris for his stalwart work in the catering van today.:)

    Jeff Westley 53
    Jon Houghton 50
    Jack Houghton 49
    Clive Presland 49
    Ralph Presland 49
    Chris Boulton 46
    Mike Cundy 44
    Colin Wilson 44
    Richard Blackmore 43
    Andy Ireland 43
    Martin Slane 42
    Ken Philips 42
    Simon Edwards 42
    Terry Turner 40
    Peter Rattle 40
    Liz Osman 38
    Brian Clarke 38
    Richard Lander 37
    Richard Smith 37
    Peter Gabryanczyk 36
    Russell Swain 35
    Quinton Carter 34
    Graham Mason 34
    Chris Sandford 31

    Simon Jones 49
    Steve Youngs (.25) 38
    Des Morris 37
    Andy Yates (first 8 with an open sighted Webley Mk III) 27
    Mick Gough 24

    Matt Goodson 46
    Stu Deeks 43
    Anne Higgins 43
    John Cooper 39
    Phil Russell 36
    Carl Smith 36
    Des Rex 35
    Joshua Swain 18

    Ben Cundy 35
    Lewis Cooper 34
    Jerry Langridge 23
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