Cambridge HFT results August 28th

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Mrs H, Aug 28, 2011.

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    Cambridge HFT, Cambridge 177, Shelford Rifle Club
    Cambridge HFT results August 28th

    An excellent turn out for what initially looked as though it may be a glorious Bank Holiday Sunday morning….
    ….then Matt did the safety brief, the heavens opened and the top wood was smoked out by the farmers bonfire.
    Ho hum, usual fare then!

    Some impressive scores given the temperamental wind conditions. I gather enough fallen wheels have been reclaimed from the ditches to start a small scrap yard.

    Thanks to Sue for the catering.
    Next shoot in a fortnights time; Sept. 11th. :)

    Larissa Sykes 56
    Barry Smith 56
    Simon Vant 55
    Geoff Westley 55
    Terry Wheatley 53
    Ray Hampton 53
    Colin Sykes 52
    Anne Russell 52
    Simon Jones 51
    Kelly Hogan 51
    Ken Philips 50
    Andy Ireland 50
    Gary Chillingworth 50
    Ian Bainbridge 50
    Mick Reed 50
    Gill Cochrane 49
    Kevin Turner 48
    Keith Warburton 48 (new PB well done Keith!)
    Matt rawlins 47
    Simon Edwards 46
    Martin Slane 46
    Roger Brigham 46
    Rick Rolfe 46
    Ralph Presland 45
    Simon Dixon 45
    Geoff Ryder 45
    Brian Clarke 44
    Mick Cundy 44
    Richard Lander 44
    Clive Presland 44
    Alan Tosland 44
    Finn Cochrane 43
    Jonathan Pearson 42
    Scott Clarke 41
    Graham Mason 40
    Ian Seddon 39
    Mark Gamstone 38
    Penny Freeman 38
    John Gamstone 37
    Mick Salmon 35
    Geoff Coppings 34
    Doug 31

    Wayne Pearce 43
    Jo Goodchild 30
    Piers Honeywell 25

    Kyle Hampton 51
    Dan Measures 47
    Chris Boulton 45
    Andy Yates 45
    Stu Deeks 45
    Phil Russell 41
    Will Lander 41
    Steve Freeman 38
    Su Li 33
    Peter Nicholls 32

    Alex Honeywell 45
    Michael Gamstone 45
    Becky Rawlins 44
    George Vant 44
    Ben Cundy 38
    Amy Coppings 38
    Russell Vernon 31
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  2. WTFIB


    Jan 18, 2010
    Well done to all at Cambridge. A better day for me for once. Well done larissa, top bombing young lady.:D:D

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