Cambridge HFT results 25/11/2012 Cambridge rules

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    Apr 29, 2009
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    Cambridge HFT
    Well the rain had stopped an it was a nice day but the wind!!!!! even more wind than a normal windy day an extremely hard course with more than a few mini kills as the scores show but an enjoyable day.
    Thanks to Sue for food an Jeff an Martin for the course.
    See you all at southern hunter round in 2 weeks

    Open Class

    Jeff Westley 49
    Chris Boulton 45
    Martin Slane 41
    Matthew Rawlings 41
    Neil Wakelin 41
    Terry Turner 40
    Justin Rhone 40
    Mick Salmon 40
    Stu Deeks 39
    Kevin Turner 39
    Nigel Fleet 38
    Nick Bishop 38
    Wayne Pearce 38
    Wayne Armstrong 38
    Steve Youngs 37
    R Smith 34
    Charlie Lake 30
    Jay Bass 16


    Dan Measures 40
    Alex Bye 32
    Craig Laurence 30
    C Smith 29
    Peter Brightwell 27


    Graham Bass 25
    Simon Jones 24 ( mr .25 )
    Nik Capon 19


    Becky Rawlings 38
    Jonathan Chidzoy 36
    Oliver Fleet 36
    Holly Deeks 32
    Emily Jones 28

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