Cambridge hft results 09/10/2011

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    Apr 29, 2009
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    After a windy day top score went to a springer shooter well done Chris Boulton.

    Dave Allem 51
    Jeff Westley 51
    Richard Blackshire 50
    Clive Pressland 50
    Matt Rawlings 50
    Dave Maun 49
    Mick Reed 49
    Kevin Turner 48
    Dan Measures 48
    Keith Warburton 48
    Martin Slane 48
    Neil Taylor 47
    Andy Ireland 45
    Scott Clark 44
    Mick Salmon 44
    Roger Brigham 43
    Ian Sneddon 42
    Craig Hartop 41
    Brian Clark 40
    Richard Lander 40
    Donald Allcock 39
    Malcom Hyde 38
    Ken Phillips 38
    Chris Gillibrand 35
    Graham Mason 35

    Chris Boulton 52
    Andy Day 45
    P Steward 30
    Sam Hayward -no score
    Allan rowlinson -no score

    Justin Rhone 47
    Wayne Pearce 43
    Steven Magurie 30
    Alex Bye -no score
    Kai Watts -no score

    Alex Honeywell 48
    Becky Rawlings 47
    Jonathon Chidzoy 45
    Oliver Fleck 37
    Douglas Hartop 36
    Lewis Malton 33
    Edward Carter-silk 24

    Sorry if names are miss spelled if you have no score post it and I will add it..
    Good turn out on a day full of shoots thank you all for coming.
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