Cambridge HFT Open Nov 22nd 2015

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Mrs H, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. Mrs H

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    Jun 1, 2009
    Cambridge HFT, Cambridge 177, Shelford Rifle Club
    Cambridge Open HFT Nov.22nd 2015
    There was an enthusiastic turnout this morning for the first Cambridge Open. The course had been set by Ian “Masters†Bainbridge and he had been spotted by the hedgerow doing a sneaky ritual dance to the wind pixies hoping to rouse them. Thankfully though the gale force winds of the previous week had moved on and the brisk frost quickly subsided as the sun made a welcome appearance. Despite the lack of wind there were still plenty of range traps that most of us managed to blunder into at some point, and then the slight breeze that there was kept changing direction.
    Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to Lanham & Company Chartered Accountants for sponsoring the rather splendid medals.
    See you all in 3 weeks tie for our Christmas raffle and shoot on December 13th (red noses optional).

    Matt Rawlings 58
    Alex Larkin 57
    Wayne Marriott 55
    Jill Cochrane 55
    Steve Edmondson 54
    James Free 54
    Simon Jones 54
    Clive Presland 53
    Nick Aldridge 52
    Finn Cochrane 52
    Geoff Ryder 51
    Ray Hampton 51
    Ralph Presland 51
    Martin Slane 50
    Gordon Smith 50
    Ralph Currie 49
    Mark McCarthy 49
    Justin Rhone 48
    Matt Mosley 47
    Graham Mason 47
    Simon Eley 47
    Andy Ireland 46
    Mick Salmon 46
    Steve Mech 46
    Scott Marshall 45
    Mark Ramsey 45
    Gary Brooks 44
    Keith Warburton 44
    Mike Carney 42

    Neil Wakelin 56 :lev
    Andy Yates 48
    Chris Boulton 47
    Kev Turner 47
    Rex Bennett 47
    Steve Martin 46
    Jay Walker 33
    Anthony Collier 16
    Robert Collier 15
    Stu Deeks DNF

    Steve Youngs 51
    Jeff Westley 50
    Jim Stevens 46
    Des Morris 45
    Chris Wells 44
    Wayne Pearce 44
    Dean Auger 42
    Paul Goldsmith 40

    Ian Bainbridge 55
    Dave George 46
    Brian Tindall 44
    Phil Russell 42

    Anne Higgins 52
    Jo Cogger 50
    Mel Wakelin 46
    Rebecca Barnett 35

    Lewis Hodges 36
  2. Toucan59

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    Apr 22, 2009
    Mayland Essex
    Cambridge HFT
    Great course today, good shooting round with Lewis, hope I didn't teach you too many bad habits.
    Well done to Matt on the overall win today and all the other winners, some great medals there today.

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