Cambridge HFT 28Th June

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    Sep 12, 2014
    Cambridge HFT
    Cambridge Rules!
    The course setters assured everyone that there were no targets over 45 yards, and a lot of targets were UKA compliant. Strange how so many kills were covered up by the mildot on my scope.
    A breath of air to push the long ones just out of the kill and a brief shower led to some frustrations and some low scores.
    After a long drawn out shoot off (c'mon lads, you know the range and youve even got windicators!) Mr Westley emerged as the winner.

    Jeff Westley 50
    Ron Whitney 50
    Andy Ireland 50
    Johnathan Hobbs 50
    Martin Slane 49
    Clive Pressland 47
    Andy Day 46
    Mark Mcarthy 46
    Mike Averill 46
    Chris Boulton 45
    Simon Jones 44
    Paul Wetton 44
    Ralph Presland 43
    James Free 43
    Kristian Kovacs 42
    Mike Carney 41
    Matt Jackson 40
    Ralph Currie 37
    Mick Salmon 36
    Ken Philips 35
    Gary Hermitage 35
    Steve Hermitage DNF
    Roger Brigham DNF

    Harry Kaladjian 46
    Steve Martin 39
    Jake Day 36
    Chris Leman 25
    Andy Yates DNF

    Steve Youngs 45
    Chris Wells 42
    Luke Hermitage 32

    Emily Jones 37
    Jim Leman 31

    The next shoot is on the 12Th July, come for the pork and apple burgers, they're delicious.


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