Cambridge HFT 22/07/12 Results

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by regsie, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. regsie

    regsie Member

    Apr 29, 2009
    Nr haverhill , suffolk
    Cambridge HFT
    What a wonderful day for shooting today it made a nice change from all the wet weather of late even so the wind was tricky enough to catch a lot of shooters out today. The course was a very hard Cambridge rules course made harder by the wind which the scores reflect but Mr Lait and Mr Larkin shot off for the winner with a club S200 and Laity did it with style.

    Roger Lait 51
    Alex Larkin 51
    Jeff Westley 50
    Simon Vant 50
    Chris Boulton 49
    Jon Houghton 48
    Terry Turner 46
    Andy Day 45
    Matt Goodson 45
    Simon Jones 45
    Nigel Fleet 44
    Ian Seddon 44
    Brian Clarke 44
    Gill Cochrane 43
    Kev Turner 42
    Matt Rawlings 41
    Andy Ireland 41
    Roger Brigham 41
    Alan Sultano 40
    Dan Measures 40
    Richard Blackshire 40
    Simon Edwards 40
    Ken Phillips 40
    Jack Houghton 40
    Andy Yates 40
    Robert Burr 40
    Brigitte Parker 39
    Martin Slane 39
    Mick Reed 38
    Richard Lander 36
    Keith Warburton 35
    Steve Allen 34
    Charlie Lake 33
    Peter Rattle 30
    Dean Auger 29
    Graeme Mason 29
    Finn Cochrane DNF

    Peter Terry 38
    Justin Rhone 37
    Alex Bye 37
    Andy Stoward 35
    Jake Day 35

    Wayne Pearce 41
    Colin Sykes 38
    George Vant 33

    Alex Honeywell 48
    Becky Rawlings 43
    Oliver Fleet 36
    Jonathon Chidzoy 36
    Emily Jones 35
    Bradley Springham 35
    Aaron Day 26
    Marcus Day 23
    Brandon Houghton 20
    Sam Potterill DNF
  2. DarrenQ

    DarrenQ New Member

    Jun 22, 2009
    Basildon, Essex
    Well done to Roger and Alex top shooting guys.


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