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    Buxted round 2 results

    Thanks to all who helped put the course out and bring it in again. Unfortunately there was 1 illegal target but I'm not pulling it because
    A. No one called it during the comp
    B. Because there were 2 targets per peg it would be unclear which target was scored on the cards.
    C. Rule 7
    As a result of this all scores have remained unchanged.
    Anyway the weather was perfect so all is good

    Open class

    Eric Bynum ,57
    Mike byford ,55
    Steve light ,55
    Rudy Goldslade ,55
    Chris silcock ,53
    Jason wells ,53
    Jon fairman ,52
    Lol Moore ,51
    Andy Simpson ,51
    Simon Williams ,51
    Chris Tyhurst ,50
    Lewis hodges ,48
    Justin rayner ,48
    Charlie Jacobs ,46
    Nigel Hammond ,45
    Mark wood ,41
    Richard spry-Shute ,36
    Bradley hoelger ,35
    Phil Jacobs ,DNF

    Recoiling class

    Bob pattenden ,54
    Sam Robinson ,54
    Richard gallop ,46
    Kim lum ,43
    John turnbull ,41
    Conrad wells ,30
    Will stridar ,29

    Our next round will be on 6/4/14 .

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