Buxted 30 UKAHFT 25/04/10 - Results

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    Buxted 30 UKAHFT 25/04/10 - Results
    Posted by Daniel so all errors and omissions and typos are his fault


    Matt "The Machine"Smith 56 O
    Paul Gould 56 O
    Stuart Gould 56 O
    Andy "Skip" Simpson 55 O
    Cliff "The Daddy" Hill 54 O
    Bob Morris 54 O
    John "Caesar Millan" Turnbull 54 O
    Rob Simpson 53 O
    Barry Blackham 53 O
    Eddie Philips 50 O
    Ashley "The Wasp" Poile 49 O
    Daniel "Mole" Hill 48 J
    Ben "The Mojo" Davies 48 O
    Gary "Burger Meister" Morrison 45 O
    Ben Gould 43 J
    Jason Wells 42 R
    Neil Chitty 42 O
    Malcom Jeffries 40 O
    J Wells 39 O
    Robin Butler 29 O

    Please tell Dad if I missed anybody or got anything wrong

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