Bomb disposal in Kabul thank the BBS for the latest batch of parcels.

Discussion in 'General Airgun Chat' started by Grayling, Nov 5, 2010.

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    27 October 2010

    Dear Gary,

    I write to thank you for your very kind gesture of sending the soldiers out here in Afghanistan gifts of books, magazines and goodies. It is very thoughtful of you.

    I have split the contents of the parcels amongst the lads here in Kabul which is where we are located. I hope that you are happy with that and also that in my team we have a mix of American and European soldiers because we are part of NATO. Our guys are a mix of bomb technicians and others that do supporting but equally essential roles like intelligence gathering and training. We are also trying to teach the Afghan army to do bomb disposal so that when we (NATO) leave then they can do that themselves.

    I would also like to tell you that a bit like my home town in England and like Liverpool too which gave us great football, the most famous pop group etc etc, there are deplorable people that give our cities and country a bad name. Well Afghanistan is like that too. On TV we only hear of the bad guys and they are bad, killing our soldiers but also Afghani soldiers and Police and don't forget the ordinary civilians caught up in this too. We need to stop the insurgents so they don't kill anyone here and export their terrorism around the world.

    And guys like you and the rest of your AirgunBBS members make it more worthwhile by simply writing. The goodies are really appreciated but your letters were most important because they make us feel that we are doing the right thing for the folks back home, so thanks a lot. Forgive my writing two identical letters to both you and Cliff but I wanted to say thanks to both of you separately from all the guys here. If you want to continue writing then please send the letters etc to the address given and I will act as a link with all the other guys in this camp, passing on your letters and good wishes, but as I said we are a NATO camp and I could not just keep the gifts for the Brits because the other guys share all they have too.

    You asked for ideas of what to send. All I would say is that we are grateful for anything but would suggest that the favourites are chocolates now that winter is coming they won't melt. Also we enjoy the sweets and crisps, Pringles, wine gums and biscuits. We have plenty of packet soups and noodles so don't need anymore but the odd toiletries are good too-no soap but shower gel, shaving foam and toothpaste.

    Anyway I'll sign off for now. Thanks again and may God bless you for your kindness, we really appreciate it.

    Mark (on behalf of the guys out here)
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    Top stuff... good effort.

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