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  1. Darron

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    Aug 2, 2015
    Aldridge West Midlands
    Blackbrook FTC
    Hi Just a bit more info before tomorrow,

    At Blackbrook we have a covered / heated plinking shed as well as an adjacent outdoor area right next to the car park. We politely ask that you DO NOT USE these plinking ranges as they will remain in use for our pay on the day customers (Plinkers)

    We have constructed a dedicated "BFTA" plinking / shoot off range which is signposted from the car park, There are a variety of sighting in plates across the plinking lanes and we would like to state that WE DO NOT guarantee the accuracy of the distances they have been set at so feel free to use a rangefinder or just trust your scope.

    There will be paint available for respraying during the day.

    Whilst there is quite a lot of room the range wont accommodate everybody and we ask that you give priority to those in earlier squads than you.

    This area also has 5 dedicated shoot off lines where 2 targets per lane (35 and 45 yds) will be covered over to be used for shoot offs.

    Thanks and see you tomorrow
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  2. SteveC200

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    Jan 19, 2012
    Iceni Marksmen
    Anyone got a range finder?
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