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    The Showdown Results

    The showdown. You can't buy a place, you can't buy the badge. You cant gain points, your grade means nothing. Even a perfect score can fail to count. The exercise is simple, knock your oppenent out. Out of the competition. Shoot 20 targets in 10 lanes, 1 minute per lane. If that fails to do it, shoot off. However close it gets, it will come down to just one shot, no matter what. No pressure. Clock on.

    So the end of the season had come around again. Gathered were the 64 who had qualified over the GP season. Newbury, once again provided an excellent setting, and their team and the BFTA ensured that it ran like clockwork all day. The draw was the tightest I had ever seen, not one lane had a given result, and the unexpected could, and did happen.

    Andy Calpin was a notable early casualty of Paula Schofield, and spent the rest of the day chasing the Plate title until he met James Woodhead, who Dan Eley had displaced from the trophy shoot. Dan Eley, despite clearing his course against James Osborne, and missing just 2 shots all day fell foul to just one stander in the shootoff against James to get his exit visa.

    But it was noted by many, that despite the quiet conditions, the level of shooting across the board left no room for error, and it was usually that which saw people dismissed. Nobody had an easy ride, and at the end of the day, 4 were left standing. James Osborne took the Trophy honours from Ian Taylor after a 2 lane shootoff saw Ian drop a stander, and James Woodhead took the Plate from Craig McDonald, again just winning by one shot.

    A measure of the level of competition was that in 120 course shots, 1 minute for 2 targets, against the best in GB, James Osborne missed just 4 targets. Hmm.

    He isn't doing the Euros at the Midland Game Fair, but he is at the World Championships in South Africa the week after... with the EFTA's Team England...but I suspect in the meantime, many will be thinking about that 1 shot that cost them their dreams of glory. (But at least I have two to choose from, although technically it was just the one shot perhaps :D)

    Once again, thanks to Andy Slade and the Newbury crew + the BFTA mob for an excellent shoot and end to the season.

    The showdown results are attached below (and will be on the BFTA's site) and there's a pic thread running here.

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