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    The EFTA has been approached by both the NRA and the NSRA to pass on our opinions on the Air Weapons Review. In conjunction with the BFTA, the EFTA supplied a document outlining the profile of Field Target in the UK, outlining to both organisations the what the sport is, the equipment used, how it is conducted, the history of the sport and how its perceived world-wide.

    If you wish to respond directly yourself then please follow this link to find out how. It is important that the review gains the views of all parties on the subject.

    Home Office writes to interested parties on air weapon regulation - GOV.UK

    The deadline for replies is February 6th, 2018.
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    This matter has come back again.

    This is from correspondance the EFTA received.

    During the consideration of the Offensive Weapons Bill by the House of Commons Bill Committee on 11 September, Karin Smyth MP for Bristol South, where Harry Studley was shot with an air rifle and seriously injured in 2016, tabled a clause to the Bill that would have introduced new restrictions on air weapons.
    Currently, it is an offence for a person under the age of 18 to have an air weapon or ammunition with them except under four specified circumstances. The new clause would have abolished two of the exceptions: the exception for persons of 14 or over to have the weapon on private premises with the consent of the occupier, and the exception for persons under the age of 18 when under the supervision of a person who is at least aged 21.
    The clause tabled as an amendment to the Bill would have meant that under 18s could only possess air weapons if they are doing so as a member of an approved target shooting club; or they are using the weapon at a shooting gallery where the only firearms used are air weapons or miniature rifles not exceeding .23 inch calibre.

    The Home Office Minister, Victoria Atkins MP, agreed to consider the clause further. In doing so, we would like to seek your views on the introduction of these measures and their impact and cost:

    1) Abolition of the exception under section 23(3), which permits possession of air weapons by persons of 14 or over on private land with the consent of the occupier.
    2) Abolition of the exception under section 23(1) for persons under the age of 18 when under the supervision of a person who is at least aged 21.

    In view of the issues around security and safe-keeping of air weapons and access by children and young persons, which is a key aspect of the review, we would also be grateful for your views on the following possible amendment:

    3) The amendment of the Firearms Act to clarify and strengthen the offence under 24ZA of failing to take "reasonable precautions" to the effect that whenever under 18s are on the premises, "reasonable precautions" must include locking the weapon out of sight when not in use and storing the ammunition separately. (The gun would not need to be locked in a gun safe.)

    The EFTA have responded outlining the impact this would have on the sport and it's education and guidance if under 18's were restricted to Home Office approved clubs or shooting galleries. It is unclear as to if current clubs and temporary shoot venues (such at the Midland Game Fair) would qualify but certainly at home under 18's would not be allowed to continue to practice etc.

    There is a petition running.

    Petition: Prevent the prohibition of Air Weapons on Private Land for those Under 18

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