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    Great to see this new section on the forum
    Like Tony, myself and about 12 of Leics & District (inc. Dowry Hill) shoot in the UKBR22 Summer and Winter postals

    These competitions are very well run and each class has a number of divisions for shooters of various abilities.Thel shot targets are scored by UKBR22 after each round and quality medals are awarded to top 2 places in each division of each class. Rules/info etc are available on the UKBR22 website

    The outdoor 25 and 50 yd/m postals are particularly challenging and would help any FT/HFT shooter gauge the effects of wind and mirage on POI on the targets
    The 10 ring is only 2mm in diameter at 25m so little room for error

    For those clubs that only have 20 yd ranges or wish to enter team postals at 20 or 25 yds, I run the Midland Shooting League benchrest discipline for rimfire and air rifles

    8 divisions with 6 teams/div. Again both summer and winter postals

    Midland Benchrest is shot to the same rules as UKBR22 comps. with both front and rear rests using targets based on UKBR22's with 1.8mm bulls for 20 yds and 2mm bulls at 25 yds.
    These are in fact the same targets as Yorkshire Small- bore benchrest league use (although they use NSRA rules for equipment)
    For more info please get in touch
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