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    Found this on AGF...

    The NSRTSC is here to serve the needs of the many Indoor Air Gun Target shooting members throughout the UK.
    Initially catering for 6 yard & 7 yard target shooting, which at a National level has been overlooked for far to long!

    Formed in early 2009 the aim is to re-establish regular postal & live events for Air Rifle & Air Pistol competitors at these distances.

    We will also introduce Postal Events for 10 meter events, from 2010 onwards,
    using the same event structure that we have set in place for 6 & 7 yard events.

    Membership is FREE - Our policy is simple, "Open membership by participation"
    If the Competitons on offer are Attractive & Good Value then membership will grow.
    Quality & Speedy results are essential.
    The NSRTSC events will not be hampered by short sighted / negative / rigid & 'petty' rules of disqualification.

    If a member or group of members have a good reason to ask for extra time,
    then it will be sympathetically managed within reasonable limits.


    During the next few weeks this site will be upgraded with more details of
    forthcoming events & other associated items.

    In the meantime please feel free to contact the organising secretary by email at

    to request the latest information and join our growing membership.

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