BARPC Bunny Bash (Basingstoke) [19 May, 2019]

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BARPC Bunny Bash
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Posted By: Prone Shooter
Start Date: 19 May, 2019 08:30 AM
End Date: 19 May, 2019 02:30 PM
Time Zone: Europe/London +01:00 BST
  1. Prone Shooter

    Prone Shooter Member

    Jul 2, 2009
    You may have heard mutterings about "The Bunny Bash".

    Sometimes it's "the Bunny Bash", sometimes it's the "late Bunny Bash", once it was called the "late late Bunny Bash". It was even the "Easter Bunny Bash" long ago when held over Easter. Now the name depends on how long after Easter we host it [​IMG].

    This year it consists of both an HFT event and an FT event, 40 shots for each. You can enter one or the other or both, but you'll need to be relatively quick to do both! No falling asleep on the range!

    Entry price for a competition round is £10 either FT or HFT. If you wish to compete in both then the price will be £18. Juniors, 17 and under are half price.

    We have prizes to 3rd place in both the HFT and FT with open and recoiling classes in both, plus top Junior in HFT and FT.

    Both HFT and FT are to Basingstoke rules which mean they are mainly to BFTA (with a few tweaks) and CSFTA HFT rules, again with license[​IMG]

    Refreshments are available via the burger van.

    Grounds will be open from around 8.15-8.30am. A safety briefing will be given after everyone has checked in at the stats tent, probably about 9.15am with the comp's due to start at 9.30. Last entry is 12.00 midday for the FT and 13.00 for the HFT. If doing both, we recommend the FT first followed by the HFT. Finish will be mid afternoon (15.00)

    Although late notice, if you are at a loose end, please come along if you can and have a great day out at Popham Woods.

  2. steve1000

    steve1000 Active Member

    Aug 28, 2016
    Can I shoot ft pcp and then ft Springer?
  3. gdavison

    gdavison Active Member

    Sep 22, 2016
    Basingstoke - BARPC & Bisley - BFTC
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