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    Oct 31, 2009
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    Am a serious penny pincher when It comes to collecting...and found the following super saver:

    Anschutz Link:
    Price: Euro 1295 / GBP1087

    *** Dont want front & rear sights , and wondering about a discount ? Knock off Euro 200 ! :D ***

    Price to you: Euro 1095 / GBP918 (Today Spot FX rate) - Tool box included.

    P&P: Euro 37 (sent in 2 seperate 2 Boxes to conform to German law in sending air rifles through the post - Euro 17.90 + 19.10)

    The discount is confirmed by Manfred , in an email to me today.

    His contact details :


    Is Buinger any good ? Well, lets just say I ordered 2 X Walther LG400 Basic guns with them, and saved another bundle without front & rear sights ! :D

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