Anschutz - a LOAD of PICS of PARTS & ACCESORIES !

Discussion in 'Anschutz' started by JasonGoldsmith66, Oct 23, 2010.

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    Oct 31, 2009
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    Well, Anschutz has always been arcane in its catalogue, products, and pricing...

    This is rather helpful for anyone into Anschutz SPARE PARTS :D there's stuff I never knew even existed !

    ie: See the old Ans 2002 walnut fore end...anyone ever see this ??? ....does this mean it was once made and is now obsolete, yet a mistake/oversight as its still in its product image catalogue... or does this mean Its still made & available ? Also Its not necessarily upto date - where are the Walnut Pro Grip sets, or the blue coloured stock & grip :confused: were these limited editions ??? They also feature a bright Orange 8002 stock a la 'Tango ' :D

    ...weird how some companies go about marketing themselves...

    The only 2 folders worth opening, are:




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