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    Nov 14, 2008
    North London - UK
    We have been Shooting @ Special knock down Pistol Targets
    Set up from 7-25 Metres

    @ Lea Valley Air Gun Club - Hertford

    For a good number of years

    Using specially adapted Targets that can knocked down with Any Legal Classed Air Gun
    Co2 - Air

    We use All Legal Air Pistol - Firing Pellets - Including Brocock Tac Pistols

    Three Class's

    Open sight
    Red Dot
    Up 4 X Scope

    On the 7th February 09

    The Brocock AimX started to come out in Force
    These are Single Shot Air Powered Pistols - Running just sub 6FP

    I am running a .177 with a Debden Reflex Red Dot - and Sound Biter

    First Time - with this Pistol - against Plates - interesting -
    as ground was covered in Snow and Kill Zones was White
    and the Sun was out - with a Red Dot.........

    I Shoot Tactical Pistol - Practical and Speed Plate with Multi Shot Gun's

    All Shots are taken Standing - Five Shots on Each Target
    Scored 5 for knockdown / 2 for a Plate

    Must Get in More Practise ............

    This is Open to Members @ Visitors
    On the First Saturday of Each Month

    There are pictures on Web site............


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