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  1. fireblade

    fireblade Team AirArms

    Mar 21, 2009
    Tawd Vale FTC
    Air Arms / Alfa Proj Sport C. PCP

    Well it arrived by TNT, no sign of damage.
    (Always a good sign with a private courier)

    This pistol is sold as a trainer / introductory to 10mtr match shooting and is a budget pistol, RRP £550 (Normal match pistols £1500 and up!).

    Packaging was removed to reveal a blue sleeved cardboard box, labelled up on one end with contents, the C02 version comes in a plastic carry case.

    Outer sleeve was removed to reveal, (packed in egg box sponge), the pistol, accessory box and instruction sheet with test target.

    In the accessory box, 1x key tool to remove pistol grip for replacement and for stripping pistol, 3x Allen keys of differing sizes for trigger adjustment and 1x mini wrench, also for trigger adjustment.

    The instruction manual (in black and white, no frills), was written in two languages Czech and English, in that order and was a little unclear trying to match up the diagrams with the writing, but that could just have been me (being a bit thick).

    Now then, let s get to the important bit…. The pistol…..

    Overall length - 15.5 inches
    Sight length – 15 inches
    Barrel length – 9.5 inches
    Overall weight – 880 grams!
    Grip size – medium ambi
    Charge pressure – 200 bar max, uses standard AA quick fill
    (Warning! do not over pressurize)
    Shots per charge quoted – 85
    Shots per charge usable / actual – 86
    (With an overall spread of 41fps)-(This will be discussed later)
    Power output – 3.5ftlb rising to 4.2ftlb, REGULATED.

    On picking up the pistol it felt very light but solid and well made. The main body (black anodised) and barrel shroud are made from duralumin, everything else is steel except for the walnut grips.

    The nice blue anodised barrel shroud has a built in, non adjustable but effective compensator, scope rails and an under-slung accessory rail for adding weight.
    Front and rear sights are size adjustable (but not length) and are clean and crisp.

    The trigger is fully adjustable and easy to set up (but do read the manual). There is a dry fire option which can also double as a safety catch.

    The pistol grip felt really nice and controllable and has a good angle of rake for me, and the overall balance of the pistol was pretty good but I doubt it would suit someone with a large hand, although grips are available (from Alfa Proj).

    The loading process is easy and logical, first there is a well made spring loaded pellet probe/bolt which you lift and let retract, load pellet in tray
    (The loading tray is short but will except all length pellets, and all but the most chubby of fingers) and push the probe forward and down.
    To cock the pistol there are a pair of buttons in front of breech area
    (1 each side),
    With thumb and forefinger push these forward until they engage, at this point you can either aim and fire, or engage the dry fire hook on the left side for practice until you are ready or as a safety catch to stop accidental discharge.

    Another warning from the manual DO NOT! Fire the pistol without a pellet as this could damage the firing pin and valving.

    The Manual states this model has a grouping ability of no more than 5mm centre to centre, the test target (By AA) that came with this particular pistol had a 5 shot group at 10mtr that I measured AT 2mm centre-centre, and after shooting it myself, I have no doubt this pistol can do this (wish I could! LOL).

    The Chrono test!

    Right, to start with this REGULATED pistol took me by surprise, and I wasn t expecting to see what happened. On the one and only other review I have seen, (Pyramid Airguns US) it is stated that this pistol has a 40fps spread, but after the first 33 shots there was only a 10fps spread, but to say spread would be wrong as it was a rise only!, no drops, just a slow and steady rise (I have never seen this in a regged gun before).
    Over the next 35 shots there was another gradual rise by another 10fps, so this gives us an overall figure of 68 shots with a 20fps spread/rise.
    The next 2 shots jumped up by 3fps and 5fps, and another 13fps over the last 16 shots to take the total to 41fps spread.

    These last 16 shots are what make the final figure look really bad,
    but we are talking air pistols here, being shot at a max of 10mtr and at this range you would be very hard pressed to see any difference in your impact point, but if you are really looking to get the best out of this pistol (even if, it is only in your mind) then all you have to do is to not shoot the last 16 shots, and this will still give you 70 shots with your peace of mind still intact.

    A while ago, a well known Welsh shooter warned me NOT to buy one of these pistols………..and why?????

    Because you will spend a heck of a lot of money on ammo, it s so much fun and so easy to shoot!!!!!!!!


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  2. PaulD

    PaulD I like Feinwerkbau's

    Apr 6, 2009
    Warrington N/W England
    Tawd Vale FT&ARC
    Nice review Dave and for the price it looks like a capable performer:cool:
    By god its an ugly bugger though:D
  3. zahed2010

    zahed2010 Member

    Oct 14, 2012
    Casleton FT Club
    Thinking of getting one of these, what's the best price you've seen?
  4. fireblade

    fireblade Team AirArms

    Mar 21, 2009
    Tawd Vale FTC
    £460? but cant remember which site, DOH!

    PHONE DIRECT TO AA, you might get a deal?, its worth a try
  5. forestgump

    forestgump New Member

    Oct 21, 2012
    air arms alfa proj precharged

    nice to see a good and honest review,wow at 10 metres you will not miss same hole gets a bit boring really,and like you the gun is far better than me, i bought mine on freeads listed as air arms blue pistol,so so thought to my self is it or isn't it,i sent message does it say air arms alfa pro on it he replied yes it does,lets have a stab at this and the price get ready, 250 quid and 15 for postage 265 quid all in, it was a done deal and it was a bank holiday so had to wait 6 days for it to arrive,and when it did it was the air arms alfa proj with original rubbish box and packaging, you can't shoot with a box so lets see how good the contents are ,time to fill her up pull the bolt back push the ready to fire button forward attach the air arms tbar filling adaptor on it and slowly fill ,so were ready to shoot, what a ugly stock grip big air reservoir sticking out the bottom whats that all about its a good job i shoot bench rested so it hangs over the fence,like i said at 10 metres spot on at18 metres goes 2mm high at 30 metres goes 4mm high, i can live with that my ev2 was the same and this is just a low end competition pistol, i think my alfa proj has been doctored before i bought it i turned the power screw up but not all the way and it went through the bottom of a baked bean can at 30 metres with ease, so ive got the best of both worlds perfect accurate target shooting and a pigeon for tea, i am a great fan of the webley alecto for accuracy and its power,but the air arms alfa proj, is worth the price tag all day long even at full price you will not be dis appointed it is that good i sold my ev2 cos i have so much fun with my aaap

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