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    Countryman Fairs Afterdark Series


    Hi all, we will be starting the Afterdark series on Wed the 7th Nov.

    The series runs over 10 rounds held fortnightly. Six from the 10 to count towards the series.

    It has proved to be a very good series in past years.

    Just pop along if you fancy a go at this, don't worry if you haven't got a lamp or torch, we can pair you up with someone who has.

    You will need a headtorch, just for seeing where you are walking and loading your rifle, a lamp or torch for lighting up targets and either fitted to your rifle or handheld, and a hi-vis vest so we can see each other ( these will be available at the club)

    We plan to start shooting at 7pm for the early rounds and maybe start earlier as the nights get longer.

    The course will be 20 targets, with some illuminated by a fixed torch, that have to be shot without any use of a lamp/torch.

    Come along and join in the experience.

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