AFTE ( Euskadi Field Target Association)

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    Nov 8, 2008
    Basauri ( Spain)
    AFTE ( Euskadi F.T.Association)
    Hello everybody

    Let me present our Association AFTE.

    We are located in Euskadi ( Basque Country) in the northern of Spain.

    We are already 70 members and this number is growing continuously, so in Spain the FT is a new "sport" and no much knolwedge of it is there.
    The AFTE was founded on 2005 by two "crazy" people owning a simgle break barrel rifle with I don't know what kind of scope ( I think there isn't any scope,:rolleyes: )

    Since the date of birth a lot of thinks are changed and today we are able to organize a internal league, some spread events and the most important : The Euskadi Open.
    Last year Mr. Roger and Mrs. Elizabeth Moy honoured us with his presence and participation on .

    Please, find below our web page

    Here you can find a lot of information about our organization and also a public forum called "Foro Publico" whre you can post all you want.

    By the way I would like to inform you about the next Open 2009 will be celebrate on 11&12 of July.
    Come on to Euskadi mates!.

    Best regards.

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