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    Re: Demyan...Its no hope as I received the reply as follows :(

    But on the upside, see : :D

    " Sorry for my late reply. There is a bit of problem with demyan. It's not like the rifles would be bad, they are pretty good but technical support from factory is prettty bad. They answer every 20th e-mail. We are thinking that we will stop working with them.
    Right now we are working on brand new rifle of our own brand. Here is some info about versions the there will be:

    We as a manufacturer of sport and air pistols are working right now on brand new rifle which will be completely our production. There will be several models aviable.
    - Hunter (FT rifle with match grade choked Lothar Walther 550mm, Morini trigger system weaver rails etc)
    - Hunter LUX (FT rifle with match grade STAINLESS STEEL choked Lothar Walther 550mm, Morini trigger system weaver rails etc)
    - Junior (this one will be lighter version of Hunter)
    - Night Hunter ( this one will have a shorter barrel with integrated silencer on it)
    - Match ( target rifle only in cal 4,5mm)
    - Match Junior ( Lighter version of Match)



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