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Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews' started by Bellerophon, May 2, 2009.

  1. Bellerophon

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    Apr 22, 2009
    Scunthorpe, N.Lincs
    As some of you may know I shot an AA MPR for a rather long time and have recently changed to a Walther Lg300 which isn't a massive upgrade. So I thought I'd kick off the review section of STB by writing a short review on the BEST rifle I have ever owned!

    Firstly I'd like to say that every rifle I have ever owned has had it's share of problems this one was no different, accuracy was phenominal but when zeroed at 15y and you shot at 35y you'd find yourself shooting 6" left, the cause, a bent barrel! After much deliberation with AA and no thanks to Bill Sanders who I found arrogant, pig headed and left me with a feeling of wanting wrap the phone cord round his neck. After much deliberation and swapping of facts and figures with Nick he came to the same conclusion as me, bent barrel. To AA credit though they did replace the barrel FOC, so it wasn't all bad. It's worth noting that my opinion has changed slightly of Bill Sanders only slightly though, but after an incident which involved sponsorship for a Junior I was once again reaching for the phone cord.

    Rant over! Back to the MPR, first thing to go off the standard MPR was the stock, I hated it for HFT. For standing shots it was excellent but for anything else I found it short and just uncomfortable, luckily enough I managed to aquire a Paul Wilson HFT stock and this was a massive improvement! A word of caution though, just because I disliked the standard stock doesn't mean everyone will dislike it, I know of plenty of people who find the standard MPR stock fine for their needs so once again horses for courses.

    As soon as I got the rifle back from AA with the new barrel it was in numerous pieces and was prepped for tuning under the supervision and wisdom of Pete Dutty, so after a few hours sorting out the rough edges of the MPR including plenty of time polishing the trigger sears and shimming them from the trigger mech. plate with nylon washers the rifle was correctly reassembled. I have to say after just a few hours of TLC the MPR was transformed it was a very different rifle, the firing cycle was slicker the cocking was smoother and the trigger was a massive improvement! I urge anyone with an AAS400 series rifle to get it tuned, it makes such a difference.

    Accuracy wise my MPR is phenominal, I've produced the best groups of my life with this rifle. I'll try and dig out the photo of possibly one if the best groups ever printed by anyone with an air rifle, ever! Bold statement but when people say one hole accuracy this is exactly that, it is 5 pellets through the exact same hole at 35y, to look at it it would genuinely look like I've shot one pellet at the target, but rest assured there's five through that one hole. I think I've posted pics of it on the bbs before.

    Obviously you can't expect accuracy like that every time you shoot but typically every shot in good conditions will land inside 10mm at 35y and usually inside 12mm at 45y, so in a nutshell, superb. Despite this my first ever HFT shoot(Emley moor Nefta Hunter) I did with the MPR didn't start well at all, two shots in and I got a duck egg, as in a doughnut as in sweet FA. But despite that I thought I did well to get a 55ex60, not mega but satisfactory. The biggest thing I took from that single shoot was confidence in the rifle which I took with me to shoots there after. For the first time in a long time I was getting down to shoot targets and was confident it was going to fall.

    As a matter of fact my MPR to it's credit has the most UKAHFT clearances to it's name, by that I mean that rifle solely has cleared 3 UKAHFT courses where as although Sparky has more clears than me he did it with different rifles, if you catch my drift. All in all my MPR has done me proud and it has been the best rifle I have ever owned mainly because I could service it myself if it ever went wrong, parts are readily available and the rifle is just ultra reliable. True it has had hissy fits but lets be honest ALL rifles do. It has accounted for the vast majority of silverware in my trophy cabinet including IMO the hardest shoot of the year the Anglo American which I won and due to in no small part the MPR.

    Now some smart arses will be quick to point out that I now shoot a Walther and I'm sure someone will say if the MPR's so good why change. Honestly, because I was bored, I needed a new challenge and the Walther has given me a challenge:mad: but I suppose it has done me proud thus far.

    So cheers for reading gents.

    Pictures of group 1
    and another
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  2. D Martin

    D Martin Non member

    Nice read K.
    I must agree with you on the tune ups for the s400 series and the ease of which they can be stripped and serviced.
    So nobody gets the wrong idea about the MPR stocks though from your write up, I bought Kierans stock and put my 400 action in it and after a few spacers were added it did me fine and I'm no small chap.They may not be perfect but a big improvement on the standard sporter stock i.m.o.

  3. Roy

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    Apr 21, 2009
    West End. Hampshire
    Interesting read Kieran.
    I fully agree about the stock.Better for standers for me but still struggle on a normal course overall.
    I think a stock change for me is required.Accurate as it is i've gone back to my plain 400 for comps.
    On paper tests i also found the uk neil stripper better on grouping at 45yds than the AA one.(no one holers)
  4. waynegal

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    Sep 17, 2009
    birmingham & malta

    Hi Kieran ,
    Im Wayne Galea from Malta ,I shot at Kelmarsh country fair with the EV2 MK4 and we had a chat there . Nice review on the mpr story but one thing you didnT mention that the rifle is good but it takes both of you to achiev the best scores .Me to i bought an lg300 dominator when I came back to Malta and im very happy with the way it shoots. I want to ask you a question,Im Interested in the new AA s-400 superlight Delux ,what is different apart from the stock against the mpr ? will it be able to shoot as accurate or their action,barrel and mouzle flip compensator are different coz Im confused what to buy but I like the delux as per looks .

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