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    The calendar section is automated, so if you make a thread in that forum, and give it the date of the event when it's scheduled to happen, it will appear on the front page's calendar, and also give you a thread to post pics and results on when it happens.

    The problem was that the News and Results section is also date automated, which meant that even by moving a thread into that forum, it would be buried under new threads as it works on the date of the thread created and not the event's date itself, and so it would not appear on the front page.

    I have now been able to add a bit of code that allows me to change the date of the thread, so this should mean that calendar events are easy to move into the news section, meaning we won't have 2 threads for each event.

    For my next trick I hope to be able to add event banners at the top of the page, so events can be advertised.

    Note, this is not an attempt to slip a commercial advertising facility under the radar...

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