EFTA 2021 Worlds and Euros Qualification

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    For those wishing to attend either WFTF 2o21 USA or EFTF 2021 Bulgaria, or both, the EFTA will continue to use your best 3 shoots from the BFTA Grand Prix 202o series to rank you for available places. The reason for this is we are unable to predict when payment deadlines will be and if we added Masters and/or Euros we could be leaving very short notice for people to decline or accept & pay.

    Priority will be given to filling the minimum amount for the PCP team first, then the minimum amount for the Piston team, then the maximum amount for the PCP team, then the maximum amount for the Piston team. Beyond that individual places will be ordered by ranking and by the competitor's likelihood to place in their relevant Category (be it PCP or Piston).

    In the event that an EFTA shooter who gains a top 3 in the WFTF or EFTF Championships is not offered a place in the next year's relevant competition by new hosts, the EFTA will prioritise this person ahead of the relevant team.

    We will announce how to place yourself on the list of interest in due course before the 2020 BFTA Grand Prix Series starts.
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