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Discussion in 'WHFTA Official forum' started by Sparky, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. Sparky

    Sparky Ich dien Staff Member

    Nov 8, 2008
    Pontypool South Wales
    Quarry Hunters
    Myeslf and Jane
    We would like to thank everyone who helped the Worlds run this year and what a year it was!!!

    We wasn’t sure if it would go ahead with the weather we had but we managed to pull it off thanks to Dave Ramshead for coming up with a format and getting it done on one day, it was tight to finish before it got dark but thanks to all the helpers and the shooters who played the game and we did it.

    First of all to everyone who set both courses and it wasn’t just the matter of putting the targets out, all the hard work of doing a lot of clearing in both woods.

    To all course setters, BRAVO Greg Hensman, , ,Matt Furlong, Kevin Gaunt, Andy Dickson, Dave Smith, Dave Wheeler, John Ferrier & Peter Richmond.
    ALPHA, Andy Simpson, Gary Morrison, Nigel Buchan, Kevin Hills, Howard Kalish & Justin Raynor.

    To all who helped Jane with the booking in Elaine Lillywhite Jean Greatrex, Kathy Thompson, Dave Liilywhite and Sarah Pantling.

    Special thanks to Charles Peal calculating the scores and running the website & Brigette Vant for helping Charles on the days.

    to Gary Chillingworth who arranged all the marshalling this year.

    Kieran Turner who gave up his shooting to run around and get things running on the day and take the stress off us.

    Everyone else who helped and some did give up their shooting to help on the day, Charles Peal, Dave Lillywhite & Andrew Burgess.
    Steve Edmondson although he shot he stayed on the course to marshal all day.

    I could go on and on but think you would get bored reading it!!!

    Claire West & Air Arms for supplying a free Mug to every shooter & to our sponsors

    Air Arms
    Bicester Target
    Blackpool Air Rifles
    Countryman Fairs
    Derwent Air Rifles
    Optics Warehouse
    Sure Shot Airguns
    Tommy Bennett of Tilly’s Gun Stocks for the stock

    To the Caterers who never stopped all day.

    Countryman Fairs for sponsoring the venue and scorecards.
    To Ian, Jerome, Nathan & Toni and their staff from Countryman Fairs for their sponsorship of the event and the work everyone does in preparation for us.

    Lastly but not least to all competitors for making the Worlds the success it is.

    If we have left anyone out I apologise.

    We are not sure the date or venue for next year but only official news we will be working along with Countryman Fairs with this, but it won’t be in Easter

    Pete & Jane
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  2. chrisc

    chrisc Lucky git

    Apr 17, 2009
    Emley Moor
    Massive well done Pete for turning a potential disaster into an unmitigated success.

    Pat on the back for all those behind the scenes, i know myself how much work goes on in the background.

  3. Peter M

    Peter M Cantankerous primate

    Aug 25, 2015
    I've said it elsewhere but there's no harm in saying it again, I was amazed how it was pulled off.
    Last minutes cancellations, changes, eight shoots in one day, hundreds of competitors and conditions that were probably borderline whether the whole event went ahead at all. The praise shown to all those involved in the organising is so well deserved.
    Thanks once again to everyone involved in any way with the whole weekend as I'm still not sure how it was achieved :)
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  4. Conor

    Conor Never been banned from sales Staff Member

    May 4, 2009
    Ardboe, Co.Tyrone.
    Back Hill Ballistics; DFTC; Nelson FTC
    Well done all, it’s abig undertaking every year and in many ways a thankless task as a lot don’t fully appreciate what’s gone into the organisational side of things. Things really did go Rita up with the weather so congrats for not just throwing the towel in.
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