2013 Claret Cup round 1

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Gerry, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Gerry

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    Dec 21, 2008
    Jacarilla Spain
    2013 Claret Cup round 1 W A R

    A hardy bunch of shooters turned up to shoot Round 1 in the biting cold wind with snow flurries drifting in from time to time .

    Tony Male proved to be the best today , bravely aiming off in the bushes knowing that the wind
    was going to blow his pellet onto the kill . In fact he way out classed the competition .

    The rest of us hesitantly staying on the plate , to get severely punished by the gusty tricky wind.

    Jeremy Massey has benefitted from Johnny Smith coaching and also had a good day .

    Young Alex , a junior also excelled in the tricky conditions .

    Darrin Lynn managed to beat his buddy Ian Treadwell in the springer class with Adam Morris ever improving , getting his personal best .... in these conditions !!!

    The rest of us just made up numbers , wasting air and lead .

    Great to see a number of new shooters coming along to join in the fun .
    Welcome & hope you enjoy the camaraderie & fun .

    1) Tony Male 55
    2) Jeremy Massey 51
    3) Alex Dermietzel 50 Junior
    4) Mick Boswell 49
    5) Phil Jones 49
    6) Tom Morgans 49
    7) Lee Malpass 49
    8) Phil Tombs 48
    9) Darrin Lynn 48 Springer
    10) Gerry Baillon 47
    11) Ian Treadwell 47 Springer
    12) Rob Lamerton 47
    13) Jason Scott 46 Twenty two
    14) Adam Morris 45 Springer
    15) Mark Russel 44
    16) Mark Roberts 43
    17) Ian Sheppard 42
    18) Perry Broad 42 Springer
    19) John Holder 41
    20) Tom Crump 40
    21) Dan Tombs 39
    22) Toby Crump 30 Springer
    23) J P Bradley 24 Springer
  2. Tone

    Tone Active Member

    Apr 29, 2010
    Bristol Aero & Quarry Hunters
    Thanks for laying on another tricky course Johnny & WAR, good to shoot with you and Rob today Gerry, and as Rob said, the snowflakes flying in a horizontal fashion made for good windicators :).

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  3. XTX

    XTX XTX Air

    Sep 25, 2011
    Nomads HFT
    Well done to everybody involved in the set-up and take down of the course.
    Well done to Tony, that was some seriously impressive shooting considering the conditions and the odd tiny killzone.
    Well done to Adam on his PB and everybody else that took part :shot:

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