2 Years with the Falcon T50

Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews' started by Artfull-Bodger, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Artfull-Bodger

    Artfull-Bodger Member

    Feb 7, 2010
    .It's been two years since taking delivery of the current T50B test scope, so where are we?

    The turrets are still working fine with no slip despite being reset for different temps and ammo several times, the clicks feeling as positive today as they did when I recieved it.
    The sidewheel has not developed any backlash or wobble, neither has the zoom ring.
    It holds zero , all through its zoom and parralax movement and has been tried on a springer too.

    The T50 is on my HW100S and is used primarily for the winter season, it was set up in -1 deg C temps and has not been reset since, there is a temp shift around 14deg C mark, where it then under ranges by approx 2.5 yds, but as I use it in the cold I have seen no issues and it comes in on the marks same as when I set it up.

    I have had two instances of whiteout, both at Tondu when the winter sun was behind the high targets, I could hardy see anything at all, but, neither could the guys shooting with me and we had quite a variation of scopes between us, so I suppose it's par the course unless your paying for top line March etc.
    Have had no issues rangefinding into shadow/ bright light or in the woods at Avon.

    in comparison to my Bushnell the optics are neither as bright or sharp ans the 8-32x40 elite, however the T50 is very easy to range with, snapping into focus quickly and leaving little chance of error, this contrasts highly with the Bushnell which fades in slowly and can easily be misranged unless you pay close attention.

    Easy to rangefind and a consistent performance accross a wide temp range, once shifted at approx 14deg C it holds constant up to 26 deg C (highest temp I have used it in)
    easy to rangefind with.
    sidewheel whilst nothing fancy has a good area to attach marking tape to inside the knurled edge.
    turrets are good, easy to use with gloves, solid clicks and easy to read without squinting in poor light (unlike my Bushnell)

    Heavy and that can unbalance the rifle, found this more of an issue since using the bushnell.
    when re setting the turrets after zeroing it's fiddly to tighten up the grub screws and keep the turret square, theres a knack to it .
    the front flip up pin falls out, this has happened on all the T50's I have tested, so I dont use these flip ups any more on the front, rear one stays put though?

    this scope has definatly improved my scores, it's doing the same job as a Diamond for £200+ less and has so far been 100% reliable, in fact the two diamonds I have used as a comparison have fallen short of the T50 in poor lighting conditions, but we all know Diamonds do vary, and having several T50's to test I cannot comment on how T50's may also vary.
    All told very good scope for the cash, cant really find any serious flaws in it.

  2. dusty57

    dusty57 Member

    Feb 27, 2011
    great yarmouth
    broadlands arc
    they seam to have been listning because they have done away with one of your dislikes already namely the turret screws . my one [new after christmas] has a single torx screw in the top so no problem now.the problem with the pins in the flip covers is not restricted to the T50, it happens with the caps on the T35 as well
  3. greyskullnz

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    Had one for a year and a half, and agree almost entirely with your summary.

    Flip up covers have given no problems, just lucky I suppose. Sometimes a bit hestiant to snap closed, but that is really nit picking......

    Turrets same as yours with the small grubscrews. Set them once and have not changed them for over a year and a half Winter or Summer......still bang on. Minute variations in POI accounted for in the atmospherics from day to day.

    7 1/2 MOA on a turret rev seems not a lot to play with on close targets with a high scope mounting. Just live with it I guess. Haven't gone a rev out in a match yet, been careful about that and chuckle when others have done it.......that may come back to bite my backside one day.

    Only optical problem I have encountered was at 30+ degrees C, when mirage caused ranging/focus problems, but at 50 mag you gotta expect that. I suspect it was my ageing eyes more than the scope, and mirage often causes problems getting a focus. I was wilting in the heat so most likely operator error/sweat in the eyes. Clear round in the morning at 22 deg C, afternoon round lost 5 at 30 deg C.....but squad partner sharing the same rifle/scope had no problem with the scope in the afternoon increasing his score. Due to sharing the rifle/scope in the match I removed the custom fitted rubber eye boot and that seemed to make it harder for me to range in mirage on longer ones.

    In the dark it is a superlative scope to range with. Love it.

    Overall operation still smooth and precise, and yes it has increased my scores too. Any improvement from here is in the top 2 inches.

    What a great scope.


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