2 sessions at EMELY MOOR SATURDAY 17th OCT new thread

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  1. MickyFinn

    MickyFinn I❤HFT

    May 7, 2013
    Matlock, Derbyshire
    The Anston Massive & Kingsley HFT
    Message Trev Ryan, he'll be able to tell you. I know they were trying to get a field so people could camp but not sure if anything came of it?
  2. MickyFinn

    MickyFinn I❤HFT

    May 7, 2013
    Matlock, Derbyshire
    The Anston Massive & Kingsley HFT
    Dave Ramshead 1st session
    simon hilton 1st session
    Mark Wilson 1st session
    Justin Grice 1st session
    Brian Heaps 1st session
    Mick Fern 1st session
    Dave Benyon 1st session
    Nick Hopkinson 1st session
    Keith Warburton 1st sessions
    Dean Corfield 1st session
    Greg Morss 1st session
    James Hesson 1st session
    Wullie Hoggan 1st session*
    Lee Ellis 1st session
    Jamie Jackson 1st session
    Paul Kelly 1st Session
    Helen Kelly 1st Session
    Philip Godwin 1st session
    Steve Oultram 1st session
    Sam Oultram* 1st session
    Nigel Howard 1st session
    Colin Wilson 1st session
    Gert Spoelstra 1st session
    Simon Battye 1st session
    Mark Camo 1st session
    PETER Knight 1st session
    Roger Lait 1st session
    Pete Shearer 1st session
    Mike Turner 1st session
    Graham Cooper 1st session
    Darren Percival 1st session
    David Carter 1st session
    John Miller 1st session
    Stephen Pearson 1st session
    Brian shepherd 1st session
    Leon Peute 1st session
    Mirjam Stark 1st session
    Darren Percival 1st session
    Geoff Watkinson 1st session
    John lee 1st session
    Dominic Taylor ( Junior)
    Paul Taylor
    Steve Edmondson - 1st session
    Charlotte Edmondson - 1st session
    Ray Hampton 1st session
    Kyle Hampton 1st session
    Thomas O'brien 1st session
    Richard Hood 1st session
    Keith Gilyard 1st session
    Chris Asquith 1st session
    Gav Jones 1st session
    Steve Watson - 1st session
    Steve Bowers 1st session
    Ady Masson 1st session
    Harry Compton
    Elliott Compton
    Ross O'Brien

    Session 2:
    Steve MacFarlane 2nd session
    Karyn MacFarlane 2nd session
    graham cole 2nd session
    karl guest 2nd session
    bill birch 2nd session
    mitch birch 2nd session
    kev brooks 2nd session
    nick parker 2nd session
    mick monaghan 2nd session
    mick boswell 2nd session
    perry broard 2nd session
    Nigel Oram 2nd Session
    Dave Taylor 2nd session
    Daz Taylor 2nd session
    James McLachlan 2nd session
    Andy Wilson 2nd session
    Andy Jones 2nd Session
    Mark Thompson 2nd Session
    Kathy Thompson 2nd Session
    Alex Honeywell 2nd session
    Piers honeywell 2nd session
    David Scott 2nd Session
    Ian Beer 2nd Session
    Chris Carpenter 2nd Session
    Gaz edwards 2nd session
    Simon Westal 2nd session
    Neil wakelin 2nd session
    peter staddon 2nd session
    Ash Bailey 2nd session
    Tony Male 2nd session (pronounced Maaa-lay)
    Kev Gaunt 2nd session
    Bill Jones 2nd session
    Rhian Jones 2nd session
    Nige Jones 2nd session
    Chris Cundey gay session (will be there all day anyway)
    Ian Hunter 2nd session
    Dave Hunter 2nd session
    Matthew Rawlings 2nd session
    Wayne Pearce 2nd session
    Justin Rhone 2nd session*
    Dave Lawrenson 2nd session*
    Wayne Marriott 2nd session*
    trev ryan second session
    John ' Bam' Fleming NC Massive 2nd session
    Colin 'Clumsy' Cameron NC Massive 2nd session
    vince holland 2nd session
    Drew Thompson 2nd session
    Sandra Thompson 2nd session
    Dave Wellem 2nd session
    Simon Harrison .22 2nd session
    Will South 2nd session
    Ian Clarke 2nd session
    John Oldroyd 2nd session
    rob bates 2nd session
    Mick dakin 2nd session
    marcus munton 2nd session
    Paul Lawrence 2nd session
    Glenn walsh 2nd session
    Kevin Turner 2nd session
    Alan Measures 2nd session
    Darrin Lynn 2nd session
    Ian Sheppard 2nd session
    Steve Willingham 2nd session
    Tom Willingham [junior]snd session
    Nick Cant 2nd session
    ian taylor 2nd session
    Chris Guy 2nd session
    Gordon Burns 2nd session
    Stuart Webb 2nd session
    Jennifer Allan 2nd session
    Joanne Cogger 2nd session
    Gordon Smith 2nd session
    Bob Clay 2nd session
    Steve Whiting 2nd session
    Andy Simpson 2nd session
    Jim Cavanagh 2nd Session
    + Gilo Tibbits (Not sure which session ?? )
    Ian Roberts 2nd session
    Emily Roberts 2nd session
    Mark Stanley 2nd session
    Davy Thomas 2nd session
    paul nixey second session
    steve nixey second session

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